For corporate clients, ABN AMRO consists of ABN AMRO Clearing and the Corporate Bank. ABN AMRO Clearing consistently ranks amongst the top 3 clearing firms on most relevant derivatives exchanges globally. With ten offices globally, we are able to service clients on 160+ exchanges,

MTFs and FX liquidity centres, processing over 20 million trades daily. Furthermore, the Corporate Banking division of ABN AMRO serves large corporates and institutions and is subdivided into three departments:
– Markets: supporting clients with the purchase and sale of (complex) financial products – like stocks, bonds, fixed-income, currency and structured products.
– Financing Solutions: advising clients on their capital structure and structuring complex debt financings for them
– Corporate Finance: advising clients on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), public offers, valuations and equity-linked products
Do you want to be part of an international company, a global leader? Work for a business that plays a vital role in financial markets around the world and advises clients on complex M&A and financing transactions in a dynamic and fast-paced environment? In addition, work with the newest technologies, exciting products and the best sectors and product experts? At ABN AMRO Clearing, Markets, Financing Solutions and Corporate Finance we help our clients stay ahead of future trends while working on front page transactions or executing the best trades.
Furthermore, ABN AMRO’s Corporate Bank and ABN AMRO Clearing both provide Talent Programmes. During the talent programme you will get to know ABN AMRO, ABN AMRO Clearing and the banking profession. You’ll follow interactive financial training courses such as financial modelling, lending and derivatives, will be exposed to different divisions within the bank and gain knowledge from leading industry experts. After the introductory period, you’ll learn about the profession in the place where it really happens: the work floor.


Sectors: Banking
Locations in the Netherlands: 6
Locations outside the Netherlands: 5
Number of employees (in Holland): 10,000
Number of employees (outside Holland): 5,000
Number of starting positions per year: 8
Annual internships: rolling


Are you interested in understand how a trading idea is executed, financed and managed from a risk perspective? This case, hosted by ABN AMRO Markets and ABN AMRO Clearing, will provide insight as to how both organizations and their employees operate on a daily basis. Markets will demonstrate how and why the purchase and sale of complex financial products is executed. Furthermore, we will elaborate on the strategies behind these choices and the considerations. Clearing will demonstrate how such a trading position is financed and how these financed positions are subsequently risk managed. We will also demonstrate which models are suitable to do so and what actions can be taken to reduce risk. Our case will demonstrate how both organizations play a vital role in the financial markets, and why both ABN AMRO Markets and ABN AMRO Clearing are industry leaders.