Ab Ovo


As an AI Powerhouse it is our mission to help supply chain and logistics companies work more efficiently, make better decisions and be sustainable. We add value through AI driven transformation & solutions that digitize processes and extract in-sight from data. As leaders in mathematical optimization, we have witnessed the ascent of Artificial Intelligence first hand and seen the value it adds in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty and change. And to successfully unlock the potential of AI, we know the importance of combining analytical proficiency with in-depth domain expertise. We love supply chain and logistics and have a deeply rooted connection with the industry. Which is why we attract top talent from operational research and mathematics faculties, as well as seasoned domain experts from the field’s leading brands. We typically work in small but well-equipped, autonomous teams empowering them to make decisions swiftly and think and act customer centric. We nurture innovative and business-minded thinking and cherish the devotion and passion of our highly skilled consultants. Join us on the LED and we will give you insight in our company, which is full of interesting projects where we empower organizations to make better decisions. Interested? For further information about our clients, projects and the people at Ab Ovo. Follow us on https://www.linkedin.com/company/ab-ovo.


Sectors: Data Science, Operations Research & Consulting
Location: Amsterdam & Capelle a/d IJssel
Male-female ratio: 70-30 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 83
Number of starting positions per year: 5-10
Number of internship positions per year: 3
Average age: 40