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Start your career at Achmea. We assure you that it will change your life!

We are passionate about protecting and improving the lives of our 10 million customers. Our people are involved in perfecting risk models, optimising our websites and creating advertising campaigns, always with a strong social impact. That’s why we need Hartlopers now more than ever: people who have a passion for their work, excel in their field and use their talents to create a healthier and safer society. Become a Hartloper and join us!

We seek to make the future healthier and safer through innovation. Here are some examples: Interpolis developed #PhoNo for mobile-free cycling. Centraal Beheer supports those who don’t know their way around a toolbox with its Klushulp (‘Home Improvement Support’) service. And then there’s Zilveren Kruis, which provides the Gezond Thuis (‘Healthy at Home’) service, which allows people to keep living at home as they age. But since we aim to push our boundaries, we’re looking for people who’d like to work with us to make the Netherlands (and several other countries) healthier, safer and more future-proof. Are you ready to take that step? We’re more interested in hearing about your ambition and talent than about the type of degree you’re pursuing or have earned.

Traineeships, Talentships and more…
We offer you all kinds of opportunities as a recent graduate. Do you want to specialise in one area or would you prefer a more wide-ranging position? You’ll find what you need through one of our Traineeships, Talentships, work-experience placements, final-year internships or entry-level jobs. We’ll be happy to help you make the choice that best suits you. YOU decide when and where to kick-start your career!

What it’s like to work at Achmea
A career at Achmea means working where, when, and how you want. You’ll be given the freedom you need and we’ll trust you to set your own hours (and even to decide on what days to work). If you’ve got a fully equipped home office that allows you to work as efficiently at home as in the office, we’ll make it happen for you.

Hey Hartloper, want to join us?
If you’re ahead of the pack and are looking for an employer that’s the same, go to and discover your opportunities!


Sectors: Actuarial Science, Health Science, Data Science, Trading
Locations in the Netherlands: 5
Locations outside the Netherlands: 5
Male-female ratio: 51-49 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 11,000
Number of employees (outside Holland): 14,000
Number of annual internships: 150
Average age: 45


Actuariaat en in het verlengde econometrie is van onschatbare waarde voor een verzekeringsmaatschappij. Wij, als geen ander, moeten berekenen, wat lastig te berekenen valt en het niet te anticiperen, anticiperen. Binnen Achmea hebben wij talloze plekken waar actuariaat direct vertegenwoordigt is binnen Achmea, bijvoorbeeld bij Pricing binnen de Schade tak en bij Zilveren Kruis, maar bijvoorbeeld ook bij Reinsurance. Kortom een scala aan mogelijkheden en kansen. Om jullie een goed beeld te geven van wat je zoal kan verwachten van een functie bij Achmea en specifieker binnen de verschillende richtingen nemen we je graag op reis door actuariaat binnen Achmea!