ACTLytics ensures that our customers implement complex analytics software efficiently.
We make analytics software understandable and accessible. We provide a practically applicable solution, based on a hands-on and personal approach. We are the interpreter-translator between software supplier and end-user and not only give advice but also play an important role in the execution of activities and training both during and after the implementation project.

Our services:

* Implementation acceleration:
for smooth communication during the implementation project, so that user-friendly and applicable software is delivered.

* The ACTLytics MOT:
for an objective screening of your software and its application, so that you achieve – or even increase the expected ROI.

* Secondment:
Deployment of temporary and permanent candidates for analytics projects.

Our consultants understand the challenges our customers face every day
– We reduce the lead time of their implementation project, with accelerated and improved decision making.
– We reduce miscommunication in their projects – and therefore rework, delay and frustration.
– We work hands-on and personally, so that all layers of the organization feel heard and seen.

Are you looking for a lot of variety and practical applications with diverse customers? Can you work independently and do you want to work in a small, fast-growing team with a lot of responsibility? Then meet us at the LED!