About AethiQs

Hello! We are AethiQs! Are you a Quant and do you have the AQ, EQ, IQ and SQ? Then we are looking for you!

AethiQs is the strategic consultancy firm for organizations in socially relevant and niche sectors. We believe in the power of listening to the real question of our customer and are curious to understand what the real question of the customer is. In our vision we create value in such a way that in the future our advice is no longer needed. We are AethiQs, tell us and we will listen to your story!

AethiQs consists of more than 50 advisors who jointly combine knowledge, quants with non-quants, data scientists and behavioral analysts, marketing lovers and language purists… all to stretch you and make you better and to help our customers with challenging issues in healthcare, financial sector, media and pension sector.

We are delighted with a large number of new clients and assignments in the Quant field. We are therefore looking for Quants who really want to jointly develop our firm further, connect present and future, and to lay a foundation together to bring our advising to other socially relevant sectors. And thereby also work on your own future relevance!

Are you a Quant and do you have the AQ, EQ, IQ and SQ to take on this challenge with us? Will you join our team of more than 50 advisors?


Sectors: Actuarial Sciences, Consulting, Data Science, Operations Research, Strategy Consulting, Other
Locations in the Netherlands: 3
Number of employees (in Holland): 50
Number of starting positions per year: 5-10
Number of internships per year: 5-10
Number of working students per year: 5-10
Average age: 35-40
Male-Female ratio: 50-50%