All Options


All Options is a specialized proprietary trading firm based in Amsterdam, founded in 1998. We are licensed by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and supervised by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). We trade our own capital as a liquidity provider (market maker) on all major European option exchanges. We are expanding into the US. We have no clients and are founder led and owned, as well as employee owned. We envision fair markets defined by transparency and healthy competition. Market participants should operate in full competition, and price formation should be always driven by the genuine interaction of supply and demand. We’re on a mission to improve markets that serve the best interests of the end-user. Retail and institutional investors should always get the best price and size possible, in a fair, transparent and
competitive marketplace. We provide liquidity to financial markets to enable this. We actively engage with exchanges, regulators, industry and lawmakers to improve market structure and the financial industry. Our key positions are:

  • Market fragmentation is inefficient and should be reduced
  • All trading should take place on open, transparent and competitive exchanges
  • Option markets need speedbumps to increase price competition
  • Off-screen trading should move to the central limit order book
  • Payment for order flow and order internalization in any form should be banned
  • Best execution means getting the best price, not just low transaction costs
  • Retail investment products must be simple and pricing must be transparent
  • No market operator or vendor should monopolistically price data
  • Brokers and banks should be prohibited from trading with their clients
  • Investment advice cannot be free or based on a percentage of assets held

Our culture is straight-forward, professional, and informal. We are inherently curious and believe actions speak louder than words. We make decisions based on data. Our values are concise, clear, and practical:

  • We learn and improve every day
  • We share our ideas
  • We own our jobs
  • We play as a tea

Our All Options challenge will give you the opportunity to show your analytical and problem-solving skills by creating profitable option trading strategies. This will also give you valuable insight into the practical side of option theory which our traders use in the markets every day. During the challenge you will compete in teams to come up with the best strategy to optimize your profit, while staying within certain risk limits. Then you will finish with a trading game where you will be able to get a taste for market making and test your wits against each other.
Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to ask questions about All Options, the Junior Trader role, and market making more broadly to one of our traders.