Amsterdam Data Collective


We are Amsterdam Data Collective. Together we realise the potential of data for a better future. Using data science to make a positive impact is what drives us. We initiate and contribute to the successful completion of the most impactful data science initiatives across the globe.

We bridge the gap between strategy and data science; however, data only becomes valuable when clients dare to let it shape their business, and trust us to join them on that journey. Data-driven organisations are efficient and confident; their leadership teams can anticipate change based on reliable, relevant and timely insights. It takes relentless focus, the right expertise and an educated workforce to become a data-driven organisation. Consequently, most organisations find they cannot achieve this on their own. As a full-stack data-science agency, we can help them overcome these challenges.

Our business exists to help organisations realise the potential of data science, which we achieve by developing state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms.

The ADC community is growing quickly and aspires to maintain a culture in which consultants unleash their full potential. To help our clients succeed, we attract people with a strong sense of ownership and develop them to become the brightest minds in business and analytics. By establishing a culture in which giving and receiving feedback in encouraged, we aim for optimal knowledge transfer and personal growth. We are a fast-growing company of ambitious people, dedicated to helping progressive leaders shape a positive future.


Sectors: Consulting, Data Science
Location: Amsterdam and Copenhagen
Male-female ratio: 65-35 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 73
Number of employees (outside Holland): 4
Number of starting positions per year: 1
Number of working students per year: 4
Average age: 32