Amsterdam Data Collective


Amsterdam Data Collective is a full-stack data-science agency that helps build data-driven
organisations. Our team consists of professionals who understand what drives decision makers, the
context in which an organisation operates and the bounds of technology. Combined with pragmatism
and ownership, this makes us the ultimate problem solvers, because data science should be a
strategy enabler, not a solution itself. We build statistical models that convert data into insights and
provide clients with tailored advice. We work in small project teams and each consultant is guided by
a mentor. By establishing a culture in which giving and receiving feedback is encouraged, we aim for
optimal knowledge transfer and personal growth.

After the company was founded in 2017, the ADC team has expanded quickly and is still growing
strong. We aspire to maintain a culture in which consultants unleash their full potential. To do so, we
work tirelessly to equip our people with a unique set of skills, because we know that being able to
write efficient code, using programming languages such as R, Python or MATLAB, and having
extensive knowledge of statistics and mathematics is simply not enough. Therefore, we adopt strong
principles and a long-term focus, and search for not just the brightest minds in business, technology
and analytics, but those who are – or can develop into – excellent team players, great communicators
and dedicated to getting the job done.

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Sectors: Financial Services, Healthcare and Public & Data Science
Location: Amsterdam
Male-female ratio: 66-34 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 40
Number of starting positions per year: 15
Number of working students per year: 2
Average age: 30