B&S Group


B&S Group is a global distribution partner for consumer goods in attractive channels and across specialized markets, such as Retail B2B (business-to-business), E-commerce, Maritime, Remote and Retail B2C (business-to-consumer). With a well-trained and experienced workforce of over 2,000 employees, the Group serves as a trusted and reliable partner to suppliers and (end-) customers, providing essential distribution services and solving supply chain complexities. B&S Group operates a flexible, well invested and highly efficient distribution platform that comes with strong barriers to entry. Powered by high capacity warehouses and delivered with expertise in customs and compliance, the Group offers over 40,000 SKUs to its customers in more than 100 countries.

B&S Group, has been publicly listed at Euronext Amsterdam since March 2018.

Data Science
The Data Science department is home to te “bright minds” at B&S Group; mathematically skilled, determined, and tenacious. Data plays a significant role in society nowadays, and B&S Group is no different: data generation and analysis are increasingly important. The Data Science department uses data to answer two types of questions: 1. What is going to happen, and 2. What would happen if… Are you confident and resilient, not willing to give up easily, and are you ready to use your knowledge to help B&S Group grow? Then join our Data Science team!

Do you like a challenge and do you want to keep on developing yourself? We offer both internships as job vacancies for Young Professionals within our departments. For more information and job vacancies please visit our corporate website: https://www.bs-group-sa.com/careers/.



We trade in a wide variety of products. Within the company we have a Data Science department. This department performs all kinds of predictions, and generates advice. One of the challenges faced by the Data Science department is generating demand forecasts, and corresponding purchase advice. We have done this to some degree of success, but wish to expand these predictions to products with a Best Before Date (BBD). This brings totally new challenges, as not all customers demand the same shelf life, the shelf life decreases as time progresses, and a shorter shelf life in general has a lower price. For a lower price a customer might still be interested in the product, even with a low shelf life

We try to answer questions like “The supplier offers a certain shelf life at a certain price, how many should we buy?”, “What should our sales price be for a given shelf life”, or when a supplier delivers items with a shorter shelf life than expected, at which price can we still accept the items?”