Capgemini Invent


Capgemini Invent is the management consultancy brand of the Capgemini Group that combines
strategy with technology, data science and creative design.

What we do
Inventiveness is a central component within the operational management of multinationals and
digital governments. They are constantly on the lookout for new ways to create value within their
organization. Inventive thinking together with the anticipating of new developments are capabilities
that will most likely guarantee success in their venture.

Our consultants sit around the table with the senior management and CxOs of these organizations,
and collaborate with them to invent a solution outside the normal routine. Not only do we write an
advisory report, or proof of concept, but we also help our clients during the pilot phase and
implementation. And if there is a digital solution, Capgemini’s IT experts can join us just as easily!

Personal development
We prepare you for your first client project through an intensive training program that is part of your
onboarding: The Institute. You will perform various types of consulting assignments over the course
of two months, during which you will receive intensive coaching and training sessions. The steep
learning curve you have initiated continues afterwards during the various client projects you will be
assigned to do, and the complementary trainings from the Capgemini University in Paris or the
Capgemini Academy.

Our expertise
We are organized according to six capabilities on the basis of which we advise our clients:

Brand & Customer Experience: focusing on customer experience in order to improve their
awareness of and interaction with brands
Innovation & Strategy: imagine, design and develop the products, services and business
models of the future.
Future of Technology: advising organizations on digital strategy and streamlining of their IT
organization and infrastructure.
Insights Driven Enterprise: utilize data analysis, artificial intelligence and automation tools to
drive financial excellence and realize data driven decision making.
Operations Transformation: digitization of supply chain, asset management and operational
processes to maximize productivity and distribution.
People & Organization: focus on the people within the organization, coordinating
transformations and preparing for ‘the future of work’.


Sectors: Consumer Goods & Retail, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Telecom, Media & Technology
Location: Utrecht
Male-female ratio: 60-40 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 360 (6000 for Capgemini Nederland BV)
Number of starting positions per year: 300
Number of internship positions per year: 70
Number of working students per year: 2
Average age: 36


In our case our students need to evaluate health care prices in a politically sensitive environment. The students need to show their skills in analysing and interpreting the data, as well as obtaining and presenting its most relevant insights. Every few years the insurers and the hospitals perform a large cost price study together. The goal is to determine how much money the insurers should allocate to healthcare. Specifically, the study investigates and assesses the cost price of care for hospitalized patients. Since health care insurance is about enormous sums of money, the stakes are high. If the assessment finds that the price of healthcare had decreases, than hospitals will receive less money from insurers in the coming years. Moreover, both insurers and the hospital must give their approval for the study and thus must be confident about the accuracy of the study.

Can you help us analyze the data? And help us navigate between the interests of the stakeholders?