At the LED 2021, 50 companies will be present throughout the day!
From these 50 companies, we have 29 case & speeddates companies participating in BOTH the case and the speeddates, 20 speeddates companies participating in the speeddates only and 1 company hosting a case only.

This year, we have 6 premium partners: De Nederlandsche Bank, Flowtraders, ING, OMP, Optiver & PWC.

As we host a lot of different companies, a wide variety of sectors can be explored during the LED 2021. These sectors vary from Banking, Trading, Data Science, Consulting & Asset Management to Operations Research, Healthcare, Transport & Logistics, Retail, Actuarial Science & more! You name it, we have it!

To help you prepare for the LED 2021, we offer a lot of information about all participating companies. This information might help you decide on your preferences regarding the participating companies. We recommend you take a look at it, as you will have to indicate your preferences while registering!

Click on the following links to find the participating companies (and information about them) that will be present during some part of the day:

Premium Partners
Case & Speeddates companies
Speeddates companies