Da Vinci


Our Story
Da Vinci is a proprietary trading firm made up of some of the brightest minds in the industry. Every day, we strive to build the best trading house in the world through our creative and innovative approach to trading, culture, and tech. We challenge existing ways of thinking.

Da Vinci was founded in 2015 after a group of passionate trading experts found themselves desiring a new way of working. They wanted to do things differently.

At Da Vinci, our goal is to build the best proprietary trading house in the world by doing just that. We strive to keep our work smart and creative, making the most of our team’s strategic minds to challenge existing ways of thinking. We’ve established a unique approach to trading and have high standards for workplace ethics. We are headquartered in the home of the world’s first stock market — Amsterdam — and spend each day immersed in the city’s rich financial and trading history.

Our Vision
Becoming the best in the world means building a team of first-rate talent with the most innovative ideas. The real value comes from how we work and grow together, and you can find traders, developers and researchers working side to side every day and enjoying every minute of it. We are nonhierarchical, support employees moving flexibly between roles and place no limit on personal growth. No matter their role, everyone is key to sustainably growing Da Vinci into the business we know it can be. We value innovation and excellence in everything we do, encourage employees to take ownership of their work. We believe that our colleagues must consistently feel stimulated and supported in order to reach their full potential and achieve our ambitious goals.


Sectors: Trading (Derivatives Trading)
Location: Amsterdam
Male-Female ratio: 83-17%
Number of employees (in Holland): 70
Number of annual working students: 2
Average age: 29


Da Vinci is giving you a unique opportunity to join an interactive workshop and find out more about our dynamic and fast-paced world!

In this event we wish to let you experience what trading is all about. We feel there is nothing more fun than trading and we want to share our enthusiasm with you. We will introduce you to our organization and give you a glimpse of the ins and outs of trading through games and case studies. This is a unique learning experience and – more importantly – a lot of fun!

If you love challenges, have a passion for the financial markets and like working with smart and motivated people, do not miss this opportunity!