Below, you can find the preliminary day program for the LED 2023!

Opening plenary session 
Stay tuned to find out who will be hosting the opening plenary session of the LED 2023.

Morning & Afternoon Company Cases 
The LED 2023 will include many different company cases. A company case consists of a 2.5 hour workshop given by a company in which you will be given an assignment and a company presentation. This way, you will learn a lot about the company and its approaches in their day-to-day work. Similar to the companies present at the company fair, the companies that will be hosting company cases in the morning will differ from the ones that will host a company case in the afternoon. The company cases will be given in the NBC. Make sure to check out which companies will be hosting cases at the two different day parts in the schedule and keep this in mind while stating your preferences during your registration. Stay tuned to find out which companies will participate in the company cases of the LED 2023.

Company Fair
The company fair will be hosted in the Event Hall, in the NBC. The company fair provides the perfect opportunity for you to get to know multiple companies and their representatives all at once. The companies that are present at the fair can bring interactive goodies so that you will get to know these companies in a different and exciting way. The companies will vary across the morning and afternoon sessions. Make sure to check out which companies are present at the two different day parts and keep this in mind when stating your preferences during registrations.

This year, we (re)introduce the real-life speeddates. This will be the first offline speeddates in years. The speeddates offer students the chance to talk to companies on a more personal level. You will have a maximum of three speeddates, fifteen minutes each, with three different companies. Each speeddate will consist out of three students and a recruiter of one company. Between each speeddate, you will have a short five minutes break. Take this opportunity to introduce yourselves to companies and to ask them about the different career paths within the companies.

At the lunch, companies will have their own table in the Grand Hall. While enjoying a delicious lunch, you will have the opportunity to talk to the companies in an informal way. All companies participating in the morning program (except the start-up companies) will be present during the lunch.

Closing plenary session
Stay tuned to find out who will be hosting the closing plenary session of the LED 2023. 

Networking drinks 
While enjoying some drinks and bites at the networking drink, you will have the opportunity to casually interact with companies.

Recruitment dinner
At the end of the day we will provide a luxurious three-course dinner. During the dinner, you can get to know two companies extensively and you can enjoy some dinner entertainment.