What impact will you make?
Deloitte is the navigation system to your career: you can go anywhere, as long as you take the driver seat. Whether you want to gain experience abroad, create a start-up, or combine your job with your study. We would love to get to know you and what is important to you. Let’s connect for impact.

At Deloitte you will learn every day. Whether it’s from the complex work you do or the people you collaborate with. And you will be supported to achieve your ambitions your way, wherever your future lies.

We want you. The true you, with your own strengths, perspective and personality. You will work in an environment where everyone belongs, is supported and heard, and is empowered to make a valuable, personal contribution.

Making an impact is more than just what we do: it’s why we’re here. We’re driven to create positive progress for our clients, people and society. This sense of purpose is shared by every one of our people. It makes us proud. Do you have a purpose you strongly believe in? Explore it at Deloitte.

Discover our best business area for your skills and interests
We work together with both large multinationals and small(er) companies, in various sectors. As an econometrician or actuary at Deloitte, you can make your own impact (for example) by:
• Analysing complex datasets with the most recent statistical techniques;
• Building an advanced actuarial model for an insurance company or pension fund;
• Developing and validating cutting-edge credit risk models for top Dutch and international banks;
• Helping financial institutions in managing their balance sheet;
• Pricing standard and more exotic financial products, possibly with the aid of in-house mathematical tools;
• Reporting the results of your analysis to the management of your clients;
• Supporting your clients in getting an insight in their business with advanced data analytics and visualization.

All of this happens in a dynamic, friendly and informal environment, where all colleagues are always ready to share their knowledge and help you in shaping your career path.

At the LED you will meet the Financial Risk Management team, our quantitative financial and actuarial professionals. We share a love for numbers and the interesting financial industry. As part of Risk Advisory business area, we see risk as a potential to grow and improve business performance. Your goal will be to enable organizations to use risk management to become more agile. You and your colleagues will create value by managing risks in the most efficient way.

Too good to be true? Get in touch with us during the LED or visit our website and we will be happy to clarify all your questions.


Sectors: Banking, Investment Management, Actuarial Science, Data Science
Locations: 14 in Holland (largest one is based in Amsterdam)
Male-female ratio: 60-40 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 5500
Number of starting positions per year: 1500
Average age: 27


During this case you experience the excitement of an escape room in a professional setting. While solving puzzles with a bit of time pressure you receive more information about one of our clients and their strategic or operational problem. By gaining more information you can shape the advice and show you are the best consultant in class. Do you want to take the challenge?”