Welcome to Deloitte. With us you’ll work with and for the big names in the world of multinationals, fast-growing and challenging regional clients, civil society organizations and government agencies. You will meet your peers. Ambitious, highly educated colleagues with whom you work in multidisciplinary and often international teams. Together you will constantly look for the best solutions for your customers, in an open and collegial atmosphere. Thanks to continuous feedback and a balanced training program you will quickly grow into new challenges. Because if you get the best out of yourself, there are no limits to your growth. What will you be working on with us? Financial Advisory’s activities include advising on complex financial transactions, corporate finance, financial due diligence, real estate and pensions. The activities vary from financial advice on large company takeovers to arranging financing for large real estate projects. But also Financial Modelling, valuations, strategic real estate advice, area development and valuation of contracts and pensions are dealt with. Risk Advisory advises companies on their risk management strategy, financial risk management and its implementation in the business processes and IT systems. This means identifying, analyzing, assessing and managing risks. Varying from strategic and financial risks at board level to technical risks at network level, both in an advisory and controlling role. Reliability of business processes, information and technology is a necessity for organizations to effectively support strategic and operational decisions.