What we do at EY Consulting

With 300,000 employees worldwide, we specialize in Assurance, Tax, Strategy and Transactions and Consulting. EY (Tech) Consulting is the fastest-growing business unit. We join forces with our clients to create strategic change and new, innovative ways of thinking. Technology almost always plays a key role: sometimes, issues are very specifically linked to a particular sector, to the utilization of growth opportunities or to the protection of companies against all kinds of risk. Our focus always extends beyond the company’s or organization’s opportunities, figures and results, because our international purpose is: Building a better working world. EY gives its people the opportunity to work on great, complex projects and be at the cutting edge of the very fastest developments! Although EY gives you a lot of independence, you are also part of a great team of committed colleagues.

EY Actuarial Services
The largest actuarial advisory group at a multidisciplinary service provider – we deal with current topics in the pension and insurance field. The consequences of the new pension agreement, the quantification of insurance risks, a higher life expectancy, digitization and innovation within the insurance sector, modeling of financial risks via data analytics and the introduction of new legislation and regulations (including IFRS17) are just a few topics that EY Actuaries actively provides services in.

Our specialist work in the following 6 fields:
– Asset Risk Management
– Non-life insurance- Life insurance
– Pensions
– Data Analytics
– Health Insurance

Due to the diversity of the work that the Actuarial Services team does, it is possible as a consultant to perform financial, insurance and pension-related activities, which give you insight into how the theory as learned in the study is applied in practice. The background of our consultants generally consists of a mix of econometrics, actuarial science, business analytics and mathematics.


Sectors: Data Science, Consulting, Strategy Consulting & Actuarial Science
Locations in NL: 13
Locations outside NL: 700
Male-Female ratio: 60-40%
Number of employees (in Holland): 5,000
Number of employees (outside Holland):295,000
Number of starting positions per year: a lot
Number of internship positions per year: a lot
Number of working students per year: 30
Average age: 32


The company case will consist of an outlier detection challenge. Within an enormous dataset, it is up to the participants to identify outliers and/or erroneous lines within the data, with the support of relevant software. This challenge requires the use of data visualization, data manipulation and outlier detection, such that a cleansed dataset can be used as a basis for future model development. As a clean dataset is the basis for a well estimated model, this challenge is very relevant in the current econometrical field.