(Case only for Dutch students)

Since our foundation in 2010, Finaps has helped organisations develop IT solutions related to Digital Innovation, Process Optimisation and Applied Analytics. We trust in the power of innovation and are committed to deliver future-proof business solutions that work.  We have a diverse client portfolio ranging from start-ups and scale-ups to large corporates that have chosen us to deliver customised innovation, while at the same time rejuvenating and optimizing their business and guaranteeing quality. Our ambitious team has a deep understanding of the market and the technologies we use. We are determined to deliver high-quality IT solutions and we believe that the only way to achieve that is through collaboration with our clients. By really listening to their wishes, understanding what they want to achieve and being honest about what is possible, we develop IT solutions that take our clients’ business to the next level. That is why we are the partner of choice for the delivery of high-quality and innovative future-proof business solutions that work.

Our people
Our people are our greatest asset. We have consolidated the classic roles and responsibilities of the IT chain and don’t discriminate between consultants, developers, scrum masters, and the like. This means that we are all equally responsible for Finaps’ success and that we steer clear of traditionally engrained ways of thinking and working. No one is an island, we are all engineers. Together, we are much greater than the sum of our parts.

Our belief
We trust in the power of innovation and are committed to delivering high-quality solutions. We believe that the go-to-market time for new business applications can be significantly shorter and that this process can be much more efficient. We deliver future-proof business solutions that work.


Sectors: Consulting & Data Science
Location: 1
Male-Female ratio: 70-30%
Number of employees (in Holland): 55
Number of starting positions per year: 10-15
Number of internship positions per year: 1-2
Number of working students per year: 1-2
Average age: 29


Do you enjoy revealing interesting details in a dataset? To determine the added value of your findings for the client? Help the client to get the insights they need or didn’t know they needed. During this case, we will challenge you to build a solution using a combination of data analysis and software development. We’ll also try to answer all your questions of course. This case will show what problems our engineers are working on and what solutions we deliver. Join our case during the LED, present your solution and win a nice price!