The online etiquette (Netiquette):

To make the LED 2021 a pleasant experience for everyone online, we provide a couple of guidelines on how to behave online. Make sure to read these 10 guidelines carefully and you are ready to go!

  • Make sure identification is clear in all communications. It is nice to have a conversation with someone that has a clear camera and is well visible on the screen.
  • Start a conversation with a salutation (“Hi, Jason!”) and end it properly (“Thank you for your time, Jason!”)
  • Review what you write and send in chats. Do not use foul language.
  • Do not spam.
  • Respect other’s privacy.
  • Follow the rules and listen to the host of each session.
  • Adhere to the same standards of behaviour online that you follow in real life.
  • Mute yourself when you produce disturbing background noise.
  • Dare to ask questions. LED it be your day!
  • Dress properly!

Of course we expect you to be on time. Misbehaviour, showing up late or being absent may result in a fine.

The dress code:

We have a dress code at the LED 2021: business casual! Please make sure that you are dressed properly, as your appearance is a big part of your identity online. We are convinced that dressing properly will benefit your performance, even in an online setting!
We provide an example of a business casual outfit for both men and women below: