i2i is an impact-driven organization with the mission to promote high-quality and sensible care in the Netherlands. We use data science to obtain knowledge and insights from care claims and patient evaluations, after which we benchmark and monitor these insights to detect deviations in treatment patterns. The results of these analyzes are discussed with care providers and further explained in order to be able to make a statement about the quality of the care provided in relation to the costs incurred. As a result, healthcare providers receive tools to improve where necessary in the interest of both the patient and society. This creates an ecosystem that rewards the continuous provision and promotion of effective care!


Sectors: Healthcaree & Data Science
Location: Amsterdam
Male-female ratio: 50-50 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 35
Number of starting positions per year: 3-5
Number of working students per year: 1-5
Average age: 30