We are i2i, a young, ambitious, goal-oriented and intelligent organization based in Amsterdam, which focuses on one of the most important societal challenges in healthcare: improving cost-effectiveness and quality in healthcare. How can we ensure that we achieve the best return on every euro invested in healthcare? We have developed the ‘Effective Direct Declaration of Partnership’ (DDD-Partnership) model, which rewards care providers who provide proven sensible care. The trust between insurer and care provider is thereby increased, the administrative burden is reduced and the health care funds are demonstrably spent sensibly.

As a Data Scientist you are the intelligence of i2i. You use your analytical talent to identify improvement potential in the cost effectiveness and quality of care. You translate these hypotheses into razor-sharp analyzes that lead to convincing insights and recommendations. The ultimate goal is to achieve a change in behavior among care providers that leads to more efficient and better quality care.


Sectors: Healthcaree & Data Science
Location: Amsterdam
Male-female ratio: 50-50 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 35
Number of starting positions per year: 3-5
Number of working students per year: 1-5
Average age: 30