Who are we?
ING is a global bank with a strong European base. Our 53,000 employees serve around
38.4 million customers, corporate clients and financial institutions in over 40 countries.
Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.
Customer experience is what differentiates us and we’re continuously innovating to
improve it. We also partner with others to bring disruptive ideas to market faster.

International Talent Programme
ING offers promising master’s graduates the chance to make the absolute most of their
talent on a traineeship within the bank: International Talent Programme (ITP). We
believe that you have the talent and potential to help us turn the financial sector around,
making it more sustainable and customer-centric.

Help us drive change
In your traineeship you’ll learn from the industry’s most talented and experienced
specialists, working on important and large scale projects. You will make a difference.
Surrounded by inspiring colleagues, you’ll also be provided intensive training and
ongoing support to expand and evolve your skills. Add the complexity of working across
international environments and the challenges and rewards of a career at ING quickly
stack up.

Different tracks, different interests
You can choose from eight tracks:
● Retail Banking
● Wholesale Banking
● Finance
● Risk
● Information Technology
● Human Resources
● Operations & Change
● Analytics

Not yet ready to graduate but interested in really getting to know what it’s like to work at
ING? It’s possible to do an internship: the ideal opportunity to meet a wide variety of
people, start to build up your own network, and learn about many different aspects of
Discover your potential! Check out the possibilities on our website.


Sectors: Banking, Data Science & Marketing
Locations: Amsterdam & Leeuwarden
Male-female ratio: 60-40 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 14.694
Number of starting positions per year: 125
Number of internship positions per year: 400
Average age: 39


Analytics Game
The game is based on a price sensitivity project for consumer loans. Various banks compete
with eachother in the consumer lending makret. They do this by setting the interest rates for
various loan maturities. Futhermore, they have to make other strategic decisions such as
whether to invest in data science models to be able to distinguish between customers with
low and high probability of default, the purpose of the loan (renovation of house, buying a
car, refinancing another loan, etc.) and/or a model to forecast future total demand in the
consumer lending market. The goal is to maximize profit and the team with the highest profit
wins the game!