(Case For Dutch-speaking students only)

About KPN
In 1881, KPN facilitated the first telephone call in the Netherlands. 135 years later, we’re still leading the way. We’re at the heart of society and the latest technological developments. We’re using this technology every day to connect people and make their lives freer, easier and more fun. Not only from the perspective of innovation, but from all professional fields. From our employees on the shop floor to our Data specialists. Everyone is working together toward better service provision and even more freedom for our customers, to ensure everything and everyone is connected and to create a more prosperous and sustainable world.

KPN as employer – our Young Talent Program
Already considered our award-winning Young Talent Program (traineeship)? On March 15th 2019, KPN’s Young Talent Program was elected as Best Traineeship Benelux 2018. The jury praises KPN for the personal attention that is given to the trainee, for helping out of the comfort zone and for rewarding courage. KPN’s Young Talent Program lasts for three years, and is not a fixed track with a predetermined structure, but is actually tailored to your specific talents, ambitions and developments. You will work with the latest technology and are given the opportunity to make a real impact. On the lives of our customers and on your own career. So no coffee rounds, but instead putting together your own team, developing innovative plans and presenting them to the Board of Management. In the meantime we will be investing a great deal of time and budget in your personal development to ensure you and your career are ready for the future. Curious? Discover more and and apply through


Sectors: Telecom & Data Science
Locations: Den Haag, Rotterdam & Amsterdam
Male-female ratio: 76-24 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 13.021
Number of internship positions per year: Unlimited, don’t hesitate and contact us!
Average age: 39


Workshop ‘Rolling out Fiber’
In this workshop you will be working in Python to roll out the fiber network for KPN, the Fiber To The Home (FttH).
We have a few assignments ready for you to guide you through the network topology of KPN. You will be using Python and learn about graph theory.
The main package that we will be using is called networkx and the main algorithm is Dijkstra. With a Jupyter Notebook you will be guided through the steps to make a FttH network for KPN. The goal is to connect households in the city centre of Zwolle to a point of presence (POP) and to do this in a cost efficient way.
Good luck making your Fiber network in Python!