Management solutions


Management Solutions is an international consulting firm whose core mission is to deliver business, risk, financial, organisational and process-related advisory services, targeting both functional aspects and the implementation of related technologies. We currently have a multidisciplinary team (functional, mathematical, technical and systems integration) of 2,800 professionals.

We provide services to clients from 35 offices (16 in Europe, 17 in the Americas, 1 in Asia and 1 in Africa) from where we regularly serve clients that operate in more than 40 countries across four major geographical areas (Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa).

We offer you the possibility to join a firm that provides all you need to develop your talent to the fullest:

International opportunities to work in any of our offices, working in the highest-profile consulting projects in the industry, for the largest companies, leaders of their respective markets, alongside top industry management as they face challenges at the national and global level, as part of an extraordinary team of professionals whose values and corporate culture are a benchmark for the industry.


Sectors: Actuarial Sciences, Banking, Consulting, Data Science, Operations Research, Strategy Consulting, Energy
Locations in NL: 1
Locations outside NL: 34
Number of employees in NL: 50
Number of employees outside NL: 2,950
Annual starting positions: 13
Annual internships: 3
Annual working students: 3
Average age: 27
Male-Female ratio: 60-40 %