(Case for Dutch students only)


At Milliman, you work with impact in the field of actuarial and financial risk management. The projects we do are focused on the quantitative aspects that financial institutions are dealing with, from internal models to M&A processes, and from predictive modelling to option pricing. The variety of projects allows you to develop yourself as a consultant and build on the skills and knowledge you have gained at university. At Milliman, you work in an environment with a lot of freedom, and colleagues who are ambitious, resourceful, and willing to help.

Who are we?

Milliman is among the world’s largest providers of actuarial and financial risk management related products and services. Founded in 1947, Milliman is an independent firm with offices in major cities around the globe. Apart from the traditional actuarial field, we also support our clients on financial risk management and data analytics.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for junior hires who are bright, hands-on, quantitatively strong, and have an affinity with the financial industry. You should have excellent problem-solving skills and are able to work both independently and within a team on a wide variety of projects. Effective communication skills are a must to maintain and develop client work relations.

What do we offer?

We offer a dynamic working environment with responsibility from the start! As a starter, you will be able to gain experience in the broad range of practice areas of actuarial and financial risk consulting as well as data science related projects, with clients inside and outside the financial industry. While gaining experience you will be able to develop yourself as consultant in your preferred areas of expertise.


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Sectors: Consulting, Actuarial Science & Data Science
Location: Amsterdam
Male-Female ratio: 70-30%
Number of employees (in Holland): 42 (4560 worldwide)
Number of starting positions per year: 3
Number of internship positions per year: 1-2
Number of working students per year: 1-2
Average age: 35


Insurer De Onderlinge has been selling life insurances for centuries. However, the company has been featured in the news quite frequently in 2018. According to the media the company is in bad financial shape. Furthermore, some of the board members have resigned and De Nederlandsche Bank is actively interfering with day-to-day business. The current management and shareholders of the insurance company would like to try to sell the company. Insurer MM has growth ambitions and is considering a possible take-over. The advisers of Student Consulting are asked to determine the economic value of De Onderlinge. In addition to a thorough valuation of the De Onderlinge portfolio, they are also requested to assist in the negotiations about the final price. The case will be given in Dutch.