Objective Platform




Objective Platform makes data-driven marketing meaningful and accessible.
We are a crowd of young, energetic, and enthusiastic professionals working within a collaborative, encouraging culture. Together we created a disruptive marketing measurement solution that allows brands to track and optimize media investments across all channels. Headquartered in Amsterdam, with offices in London and Singapore, our platform powers the data-driven marketing activities of several global leaders in Advertising.


Sectors: Marketing & Data Science
Location: 1
Male-Female ratio: 67-33%
Number of employees (in Holland): 40
Number of starting positions per year: 2
Number of internship positions per year: 2
Number of working students per year: 2
Average age: 30.8


Being a data scientist at Objective Platform requires that you not only have the technical skills to build sophisticated models and perform in-depth analyses, but also that you are able to explain your approach and results to one of our clients. Our clients are among the largest advertisers in Europe and at O/P we help them to quantify and model the impact of their media investments. Therefore, in this case we challenge you to investigate the long and short term effects of different media channels on daily sales. Some channels, like TV, influence sales on the long-term, whereas Paid Search has a direct short-term effect. Can you challenge these hypotheses in real data and incorporate them in a media mix advice for optimal returns?