Objective Platform


Objective Platform is a disruptive marketing company that helps leading brands increase the impact and accountability of their marketing. We are a crowd of young, enthusiastic, and tech-savvy professionals working within a collaborative, encouraging culture. Based on solid research and innovation, Objective Platform looks into the future and leads the way in marketing measurement and attribution modelling. Working with Objective Platform means working for an innovative organization with prestigious global clients.

Objective Platform (formerly known as Objective Partners) was founded in 2014 by Willem van der Weide and André Merkus. Objective Platform stands for the objectivity and transparency we offer to our clients through our automated, single-source-of-truth platform. The company started as a marketing consultancy firm in 2014 to provide objective, transparent insights and advice to marketing professionals. However, looking to the future, we decided to incorporate our services into an innovative marketing software platform. Applying the knowledge we gained during our consultancy years, we built a platform that our clients can use autonomously. Taking the next step means that we empower our clients to interpret marketing insights themselves.

Objective Platform has a strong presence in marketing research and development. Together with our clients, we always look to the future to create innovative, disruptive marketing measurement practices.


Sectors: Marketing, Data Science & Strategy Consulting
Locations in NL: 1
Locations outside NL: 2
Male-Female ratio: 60-40%
Number of employees (in Holland): 45
Number of employees (outside Holland): 2
Number of starting positions per year: 6
Number of internship positions per year: 4
Number of working students per year: 4
Average age: 29