Picnic is rethinking the way people buy food. Without physical stores, we use an app-only approach and a user-centric philosophy, to make grocery shopping quick, simple, and fun.

Starting in one Dutch town in 2015, we now serve over 80 cities in both the Netherlands and Germany. The secret to our success? An end-to-end business and a just-in-time supply chain. From the app-only store, forecasting of orders, warehouse fulfillment, to the evolving distribution strategy of our fleet of electric vehicles, we build everything in-house on our own software. That’s where you can play a role too! Our Business Analysts and Data Scientists play a crucial role in our revolution.

The team has expanded from 10 to over 300 in 5 years. Growth has been exponential and we’re not the only ones to say so. With multiple awards to our name and a Series C funding round of 250 million, we have become true disruptors in some of the most challenging industries: inner-city logistics, e-commerce retail, and enterprise software. And thanks to our people-first attitude and a friendly delivery team, we become an integral part of every neighborhood we serve.

Want to be a part of the revolution? Join us!


Sectors: Operations research, Data Science, E-commerce, Retail, IT & Supply Chain
Location: Amsterdam
Male-female ratio: 60-40 %
Number of employees: 300
Number of starting positions per year: 70
Number of internship positions per year: 20
Average age: 28