The Postcode Lottery Group is an international organisation with a social purpose. We set up and run lotteries to raise funds for a fairer, greener, healthier world. Our players win prizes together with their neighbors and raise money for charity together – it’s a win-win!

Postcode Lottery players have now raised over €12 billion for hundreds of charities since 1989. We’re the 3rd largest private charity donor in the world. Every day, more than 1,500 team members in the Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and Norway are helping to raise 2.3 million for charity partners. Our doors are always open for talented people. 

Our core values are important in our daily business. They drive our decisions, how we act, how we communicate, and ultimately how we are perceived. Using our core values in daily thinking and actions generates creativity and entrepreneurship. And it bonds us across departments and countries.

We have the courage to act outside established frameworks. We come up with solutions others haven’t yet thought of or tried. We put our weight behind charities and NGOs that show that same courage.

Obviously the players enjoy the games and win great prizes. We enjoy our jobs as well. Through the social organisations, we can make a meaningful contribution to society by supporting both people and the planet.

Players win prizes together with their neighbours and the charities we support win too, by receiving vital funding. As a team, we share our knowledge and skills.

We support the global process towards sustainability. We strive to make sustainable choices wherever we can, through our actions and lottery operations, working with sustainable partners, and making charitable contributions.

Ingmar Bakema, Data Scientist at the Dutch Postcode Lottery “I like being part of a team of young, motivated and smart colleagues that are always looking for opportunities to improve their work, by means of putting the latest data science innovations into practice.”


Sectors: Data Science, Marketing
Locations in NL: 1 – Amsterdam
Locations outside NL: 4 – Germany, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain
Male-female ratio: 45-55 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 650
Number of employees (outside Holland): 850
Number of starting positions per year: 5
Number of internship positions per year: 9
Average age: 37


As a global organisation we believe in unlocking the power of data through ground-breaking analytics. Many interesting questions are faced by all our lotteries on a day-by-day basis: How can we better leverage the power of analytics for our many worldwide beneficiary organisations? What is the impact of winning a prize on a player’s likelihood to continue playing? Which marketing channels are most effective? We calculate the probability distribution for a new game… and remove tons of plastic from tropical shores at the same day.

If this makes you tick, you’ll feel at home at our International Analytics Hub in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Düsseldorf and Edinburgh. You’ll provide the lotteries with the right models, using the best tools and state-of-the-art technology to help them realize their full potential. Start your 3-year program in booming Amsterdam and make impact with analytics from day one!

In our case you will perform an analytical assignment from start to finish. You will experience what our sky high ambition on data and analytics really mean in practice. Are you the analytical talent we are looking for? Meet us at the LED 2023 and let’s find out together!