While many people see the world along political, geographical, or financial lines, at Priogen, we believe that energy will shape tomorrow’s view of reality. No matter what industry you work in, the power of energy fuels it. More relevant than ever, energy production capacities and consumption rates are shaping national economies and international relations. 

At Priogen, understanding the energy of things is our core business. In a highly complex energy market, our meteorological analysis and in-depth scientific approach to price forecasting enables us to distil the exact information needed to make fact-based, future proof, and profitable business decisions.

Based in Amsterdam, our 24/7 business operation focusses on short- and medium-term power trading, sourcing, and optimizing generation under management. If you want to understand the future, think energy.

We are a young, innovative, and international team with 30+ employees, comprised of Traders, Analysts, Researchers, Meteorologists, Data Specialists, Software Developers, Business Developers and champions of People and Culture.

Looking to accelerate your career in energy? Join us for an introduction and unique case at Priogen Energy to learn about what we do and how you might be able to contribute!


Sectors: Trading, Energy, Data Science, Research
Location: 1
Male-female ratio: 68-32 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 38
Number of starting positions per year: 4
Number of working students per year: 3
Average age: 34


Because electricity cannot (economically) be stored, the power price on a given day is the direct result of fundamental supply and demand. For an independent trading company such as Priogen, understanding how certain events influence supply and demand is vital in forecasting the price accurately. During this case, you will be presented with various situations where you will be responsible for assuming one of two roles: first, the role of a Priogen research team; and second, the role of a Priogen trading team.

During the research case, you will be given numerous scenarios influencing the European power market, for which you must determine whether the German power price will go up, down, or stay the same for next week, and provide justification for this choice. During the trading case, you will be responsible for deciding whether to sell or buy based on rapidly changing market events.