Do you immediately link your neighbor’s new electric car to falling oil prices? Do you want to
decipher the puzzle of uncertainties in the renewable investments? Does stormy weather
make your brain work faster? Are you a graduate of Econometrics, Finance, Economics or a
related discipline?

Priogen is a 24/7 business operation that focusses on optimizing power generation through
trading and sourcing renewables. In a highly complex energy market, our in-depth scientific
approach towards price forecasting enables us to distill the required information with
precision and accuracy in order to make fact-based, future proof and profitable business

To accelerate the energy transition, we provide financial security to renewable energy
producers by signing PPA’s (power purchase agreements) and therefore we care for the
wellbeing of existing producers and develop more renewable capacity. To be able to provide
these services superior understanding of the weather and energy markets is needed.

While many people see the world along political, geographical or financial lines, we believe
that energy will shape tomorrow’s view of reality.

What’s in it for you?
We’re not offering you just a job, we offer you a career. If you’re ambitious and hungry to
learn, take the opportunity to grow and flourish in our company’s professional playground.
Our trainee program allows you to experience different aspects of Energy Trading and to
pursue the career path that energises you.
We are a young, smart, and fun team of resilient innovators that care about our community
and we aspire to excel in fueling the energy revolution!

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Sectors: Trading
Location: Amsterdam
Male-female ratio: 73-27 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 72
Number of starting positions per year: 5
Number of internship positions per year: 2
Number of working students per year: 4
Average age: 30


For an independent trading company such as Priogen, understanding how certain events
influence supply and demand of electricity is vital in forecasting the price accurately. During
this case, the students will first take the role of a Priogen research team and determine how
the power price in a specific market will likely move as a result of certain events. After that, it
is up to the trading desks to implement this knowledge. In the role of a Priogen trading desk
the students will trade intraday power. Intraday power is a highly volatile product, so you
should see plenty of price movement! The students will be responsible for making the correct
trading decisions, managing their risk, and ensuring that their position is back to zero before
the market closes.