Take the opportunity of a lifetime.
Your career is exactly that: yours. You call the shots. We give you the  opportunities you need. For example: the opportunity to do challenging work that matters. To get the most out of yourself. To help build trust in society and to solve important problems.

Learning and inspiring
We’ll guide you every step of the way and give you plenty of room to pursue your ambitions and make your own choices. Your job will be varied and you’ll work with prestigious clients. You’ll have access to a worldwide network and share your expertise, ideas and questions with the best professionals in your  field. You’ll work in multidisciplinary teams with colleagues who inspire one another to do their best. That’s another reason why you’ll find people from different educational and cultural backgrounds at PwC.

Exceed your clients’ expectations – and your own
We’re always searching for new ways to exceed our clients’ expectations. That’s why we’re eager to help you discover your strengths. We’ll coach you, team you up with inspiring colleagues, provide training and offer you  the option of switching between sectors and branches or working abroad  for a shorter or longer period of time. Because when it comes to your personal development, the sky’s the limit at PwC.

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Sectors: Consulting, Data Science, Marketing, Strategy Consulting
Locations in NL: 13
Locations outside NL: 742
Male-female ratio: 56-44 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 5300
Number of starting positions per year: 550
Number of internship positions per year: 350
Number of working students per year: 200
Average age: 31


As a part of the LED 2023, you will be presented different company cases. The PwC company case consists of a 2.5 hour workshop in which you will be given an assignment and a company presentation. Working together in different teams, you will get to experience what it is like to solve a business case for PwC clients. This way, you will get to know more about PwC, the company culture and day-to-day work activities.