The registrations for the online LED 2021 (and its waiting list) were opened on 25 November 2020 via this link.

We are SOLD OUT! There was a waiting list available via the link above until January 28, 2021! People that are on the waiting list still have a chance to be offered a ticket to the LED 2021, in case a participant cancels his participation last-minute.

We encourage you to stay available for February 4th, 2021 if you are on the waiting list!

In case you are experiences troubles while registering through Eventbrite, contact us:

The registrations are based on the First come, First serve principle. Even though we try to let as many students participate as possible, last year the LED sold out within a few minutes, so don’t hesitate too long before registering! If you were not able to obtain a ticket, but are still interested in the event, you can register for a waiting list. The chances of still obtaining a ticket through the waiting list because of cancellation of another participant are quite high. We therefore encourage you to stay available for the LED 2021 when added to the waiting list.

The costs for participation are €5. Next to the official programme this price includes the LED-box. This means that the LED-box will be delivered to your house for free! The LED-box contains a lot of different goodies, extra information about our participating companies, some drinks (beer, wine or non-alcoholic), snacks and other surprises! Also, after the official programme, we offer the option to get in touch with any company of your choice in an online conference hall.

While registering through Eventbrite, you will be asked to state your preferences regarding the companies you would like to attend at the case and the speeddates. You will be asked to state your 5 preferred case companies and 10 preferred speeddate companies. Preferences for the case should all be unique from each other. Preferences for the speeddates should all be unique from each other. Keep in mind that you will not be placed at the same company for the case and the speeddates. You will be able to alter your preferences through Eventbrite until the 11th of December 2020.
We can imagine that it might be difficult to choose from the wide variety of companies. Therefore we encourage you to take a look at the company profiles, that can be found on this website. We provide a lot of information about all companies and this will help you make up your mind! Also, you will be asked about your preference regarding the LED-box: would you like a box with some beers, wine or non-alcoholic drinks?

If you are registered for the LED 2021 and are not able to attend anymore, please cancel on time. Late cancellations will result in a fine. When you are registered for the LED 2021 and did not cancel in advance, it is mandatory to stay during the entire official programme. If you don’t show up or leave early, you will be put on the blacklist and receive a fine. For the exact Terms & Conditions, please visit this page.

Who can participate?
Registrations are only open to third-year or higher bachelor, pre-master, master and PhD students in econometrics, who are a member of one of the six study associations for Econometrics & Operations Research in the Netherlands. Students who don’t satisfy these conditions will be removed from the registrations list.