Are you recently graduated, ambitious, eager to learn and develop, to take ownership and to make an impact at an early stage? Then get your career off to a flying start at one of the leading consultancy firm specialised in Treasury Management, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, and Financial Solutions!

About Us
Zanders is a niche consulting firm specialised in treasury, risk, and finance. From our locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, United States, South Africa, Germany and Japan our 250+ consultants work together with world’s most recognised financial institutions, multinational corporations, and NGOs. We are a growing firm and therefore always looking for individuals to join our corporates, financial institutions, and public sector team.

Career Opportunities
Our risk professionals have a strong analytical background in Econometrics, Quantitative Finance, Mathematics or similar. Freedom, fun, and flexibility are key aspects of our teams. Are you excited to meet us based on what you have read so far? Then read further for the career opportunities we may have for you.

We have various entry-level positions:

  • Analyst: Work as a part-time student alongside your study program and get hands-on experience within your field(s) of expertise while learning what it is like to work at Zanders.
  • Thesis Intern: Write your master thesis based on a live client or business case with our support while also learning what it is like to work at Zanders.
  • Consultant: Work on client projects from day one. You also get to join our Zanders Talent Program and obtain or increase your CFA Level.

When you join Zanders, you are able to develop yourself as a consultant with trainings and available courses. You also get to participate in social activities such as our yearly secret Zanders trip where you get to bond with your other colleagues (around the globe)!


Sectors: Banking & Consulting
Locations in the Netherlands: 1
Locations outside The Netherlands: 8
Number of employees (in Holland): 170
Number of employees (outside Holland): 178
Number of starting positions per year: 5
Number of internship positions per year: 3
Number of working students per year: 5
Average age: 38
Male-Female ratio: 60-40 %


During our case you will experience what it’s like to be a consultant in Financial Risk Management at Zanders! As a group, you are asked to help a bank attain the highest possible return for an amount of additional funding, given the bank’s room for additional credit risk. You will be given several proposals of possible portfolios to invest in, which are put forward by the Asset Management department. The bank is subject to Basel III/CRD IV capital requirements, so you have to ensure that all capital ratio requirements are met after your investments. During the case, your consultancy skills will be tested, as you will have to speak to several representatives of the bank in order to gather and comprehend the most relevant information!