We are recognized as a leader in treasury, risk and finance. We have a diversified client
portfolio consisting of multinationals, financial institutions, public sector entities and NGOs.
From our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, the United
Kingdom and the United States, we assist our clients from ‘idea to implementation’, bringing best practices and latest developments together into workable effective solutions!

Our Employees
With over 180 highly educated consultants, we are an ambitious and enthusiastic team with a
focus on quality, fun, team spirit and personal development. At the LED you will meet our
experienced consultants within our Financial Institutions department. We will provide further
information surrounding what it’s like to work for the Financial Institutions team and how your
quantitative Master study can complement our complex projects and be utilized practically.
This team of risk professionals has a strong analytical background in Econometrics,
Quantitative Finance or Mathematics.

Interested to learn more?
Yearly we open our doors to students interested in internships and part-time working student
positions. After graduation you can apply for a consultant role and participate in our Zanders
Talent Program, especially designed for young professionals. The presentation and case
presented during the LED will provide further information surrounding what it’s like to work for
Zanders and will give you an idea how it is like to work as a Risk Management Consultant.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Sectors: Financial Instutitions, Public Sector, Consulting & Data Science
Location: Bussum
Male-female ratio: 70-30 %
Number of employees (in Holland): 138
Number of starting positions per year: 4-12
Number of internship positions per year: 4-6
Average age: 34


During the Zanders case we will discuss the business model of a bank and explain the risks
associated with the daily activities. During the case you will be challenged to use this
knowledge to provide a substantiated advice to the client. As part of a team of consultants,
your mission is to convince the client of your profound knowledge and expertise. The groups
will be judged both on the analysis and the presentation of the final advice. The winning team
will be rewarded accordingly!